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I locked my keys in my car.

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So I'm sitting here at my favorite little café in University Heights and, wouldn't you know it, I decided to leave my brain at home today. My keys are, presently, in the ignition of my automobile. And the doors are locked. Oops. Now usually this wouldn't be a problem, thanks to my emergency back-up door unlocking system. But I had to use that a few weeks ago and never 'reset' the system. Thank God for Triple A, or I'd be screwed. The stupidity I feel is amazing. What if I'd been in another country, where there was no AAA? What then? I'd be screwed, that's what. I called them at 11:20, and they probably called dispatch about 11:25, and they say the locksmith will be here around 11:45. Fast service, but I'm in the city. Dammit.

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Hello World

I live here.

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This is a complement to my "Around America" blog. But because I do a lot of local travel as well, I didn't want my AA blog to be cluttered with San Diego posts, so I made this blog. Expect lots of musings about restaurants, traffic, urban issues, etc.

Because I have nothing better to say tonight (it's late), I'll just bitch about the weather! It's "Vietnam weather," as I've been calling it: super-humid, hot, thunderstorms, etc. We don't get this kind of weather often, but it's interesting. It makes it easier to turn up the air-con (as in, hotter inside), just spending time outside makes walking into an 80-degree house feel freezing. It's the lack of humidity inside that makes it feel so much cooler in comparison.

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